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Jack Kloeber

Jack Kloeber is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel with experience in R&D portfolio management, decision analysis, modeling and simulation, technology selection, and strategy development. Jack taught mathematics at West Point for three years, and graduate level decision analysis, systems simulation, and technology selection for six years at the Air Force Institute of Technology. His work has supported decisions for various superfund sites within the Department of Energy, and many technology organizations within the Departments of Army, Air Force, and Navy. Jack was the head of Portfolio Management for Bristol-Myers Squibb, and more recently, head of Portfolio Management for J&J Pharma Services where he coordinated the portfolio management efforts across multiple R&D and marketing operating companies. Jack was a Senior Partner at KROMITE for 5 years and is now Principal.
He received his Ph.D. in Economic Decision Analysis from Georgia Institute of Technology and Masters in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.
Jack is President and Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals, a member of the Decisions Analysis Society, and a 25-year member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

Phil Beccue

Phillip Beccue specializes in the application of decision analysis, financial modeling, portfolio optimization, and risk analysis to strategic business problems. For over twenty years, Phil has helped companies develop corporate and asset strategies and improve portfolio management and business operations. For the past seven years, his pioneering work in the development of tools and processes has directed top executives in allocating an annual R&D investment of $500 million at Baxter Healthcare. His leadership ensured a timely, disciplined, and consistent process to manage uncertainty across diverse businesses where it was necessary to balance near-term and long-term impacts of a dynamic business environment. He has trained over 700 managers and senior executives on the principles and processes of strategic decision-making. He is a frequent speaker in executive decision programs, won an industry award for real-world applications, serves as Associate Editor for the Decision Analysis Journal, and is a contributing author of Advances in Decision Analysis (Cambridge University Press, 2007).
Prior to joining Baxter, Phil was responsible for building the Decision Sciences group at Amgen and played a key role in institutionalizing decision analytic processes. Before joining Amgen he was a management consultant with Applied Decision Analysis, where he helped clients in diverse industries solve challenging business problems in strategy, prioritization, and risk analysis.
Phil received degrees from both Westmont College and Stanford University.
Phil is a Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals and a long time member of the Decision Analysis Society.
He is currently a Fellow and board member of the Society of Decision Professionals, a Certified Financial Planner, and a registered Professional Engineer in Virginia.

Mary Brame,

Mary brings 5 years of experience in management, as Branch Office Manager for a national legal support company, and eventually as the company’s Manager of Contractor Relations for the Mid-West region. In addition, she has worked over 6 years in the administrative field, with an emphasis on legal support. Her work has consisted of team operations, recruiting, training efforts, court relations, quality control, contract negotiations, conflict resolution, and legal compliance - all with a focus on customer service and confidentiality.
Mary is a Notary Public in the State of Ohio, and currently manages KROMITE’s Operations, Accounting and Payroll.

David Culhane,

David has 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, nutritionals, and consumer products industries with a range of assignments in Commercial, Financial, Technical, and Analytical positions. His strengths are concentrated in sales forecasting, market analytics, finance, and modeling. Prior to joining KROMITE, David was responsible for search and evaluation of new business opportunities and developing strategic sales forecasts at Axcan, primarily in specialty Gastroenterology areas such as Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Pancreatic Enzymes. He also created financial models to support business development projects. Prior to Axcan, David was a member of the forecasting and modeling team and Finance organizations at Johnson & Johnson for 3 years. There, he developed global market models and forecasts for multiple virology therapeutic indications with a specific focus in Hepatitis C. His Finance roles included supporting Sales, Marketing, R&D, and Business Development as a senior financial analyst.
David has outstanding analytical and modeling abilities, which he has honed throughout his career. He also has a strong financial background including having managed and refined the company capital requisition process at Mars.
David has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance from Lehigh University.

Matthew Gorman,

Matt Gorman is a career management consultant with 20 years of experience in serving clients in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, Chemical and Agricultural industries. Matt spent over ten years with a Big Four audit and advisory firm where he was involved in a range of operational capacities from Database design and test; ERP systems implementation; technology and process training; and regulatory compliance assurance and auditing.
At KROMITE Matt applies his knowledge of business processes to the discipline of Decision Sciences.
With a degree in Chemical Engineering and an Executive MBA, Matt brings a valuable combination of both analytical and systems thinking.

Steve Hamlen,

Steve Hamlen, Lead for KROMITE’s Oncology Division, has over 20 years of pharmaceutical and life sciences commercial assessment and marketing management experience including in-line Brand Management, Global Strategic Marketing, and Global Commercial Assessment roles. His experience includes identification and optimization of investments for life cycle strategies, creative in-line marketing campaigns, indication sequencing of internal pipeline investments and external licensing opportunities for Anemia/Pain/Oncology/Oncology Supportive Care/Nephrology/GI therapeutic areas to maximize business value.
In these roles, Steve has led and translated targeting, messaging, segmentation, positioning, market research, and probabilistic forecasting into actionable business plans and campaigns for numerous established and pipeline products, some of which were over $1 billion/year in sales at Johnson & Johnson. He has also launched two drug delivery technology platforms at Catalent Pharma Solutions designed to enhance product differentiation through application of controlled and targeted release.
Steve has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in marketing from Lehigh University, and has multiple publications on the topics of target product profile and patient adherence enhancement through controlled release technologies.

Kristine Heiney,

Kristine Heiney is a writer, editor, and scientist specializing in scientific and technical writing. She was a teaching assistant for five semesters at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, where she helped lead a wide variety of science, writing, and language courses, including Principles of Biochemistry and Calculus for the Biological Sciences. She also has experience editing academic journal articles written by scientists and researchers for whom English is a second language.
Kristine has a Bachelor of Science in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University.

Mike Kennedy,

Mike Kennedy has over twenty years of experience in program management and operations research working with commercial and government clients in a range of assignments from program development, out year planning, program analysis, model development, and management of personnel. Over the last ten years he has developed an interest and skill sets in the development of discrete event modeling, focusing on custom tools for clients’ particular needs. Custom tools set developed include optimization tools for large poultry operation, resource allocations for pharmaceutical companies and forecasting tools for military organization.
Mike has a Master’s degree in Management Science from Troy State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Marquette University.

Regina Klein,

Regina Klein brings extensive experience in knowledge management, competitive intelligence and strategic planning. Prior to KROMITE, she worked for Pharmacia, Monsanto, Washington University School of Medicine, Central Missouri State University, and Elsevier Clinical Medicine Journals.
She was responsible for technology intelligence and strategy development in the R&D Strategy organization at Pharmacia. At Monsanto, she created the business intelligence function supporting R&D, commercial development, alliances, and strategic decision making in the Nutrition & Consumer Sector. She was a member of the leadership team for the Monsanto Information Resources and Services group, with responsibility for strategy and planning for global business information development and delivery. Regina has written and lectured on the topics of competitive intelligence and knowledge management and their use in strategy development and portfolio management.
She received her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Library Science and Information Science from the University of Missouri. Her M.B.A. is from Southern Illinois University. She completed the Advanced Skills Training Program at the Centre for Operational Business Intelligence and the Academy of Competitive Intelligence at Georgetown University.

Dave Krahl,

Dave Krahl has over 25 years of experience in the simulation software industry. Specializing in discrete event simulation he has worked with a wide range of industries including automotive, public sector, defense, petro-chemical, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, and mining. Prior to joining Kromite, Dave was the Technology Evangelist at Imagine That. In this position, he promoted ExtendSim and simulation technology to a wide variety of industries. In past positions, Dave has performed development, consulting, technical sales, support, and training for a range of simulation software programs. Dave is one of the primary architects of ExtendSim’s libraries of model components.
His particular interests include tools and techniques for troubleshooting simulation models, design of experiments, and the architecture of message-based discrete event simulation.
Dave has a Master’s degree from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is also a certified analytics professional (CAP).

Albert Ler,

Albert is a computational and data scientist with over 15 years of experience in research and development in life science. He specializes in the application of signal processing, statistics, machine learning, and simulations in medicine and public health. Projects that he has been involved in the past include brain imaging, pain medicine, EEG, cardiovascular medicine, and public health research.
Albert has pursued a career in research and development in the medical device industry and later in the risk management consulting industry. Currently, he is splitting his time between consulting and managing his small start-up company called Simcover which focuses on the development and publishing of educational animations, simulations, and games for mobile devices.
Albert received his BS in psychology from University of Toronto, MS in psychology from McMaster University, and Ph.D. in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University.

Jian Luo,

Jian Luo specializes in discrete event simulation, data processing, and statistical / mathematical modeling. Jian spent more than 5 years in the field of Industrial Engineering during college. Besides his academic achievements, Jian has many internship experiences in manufacturing fields. His past projects utilized a range of skills such as simulation, data analysis, process improvement, and design of experiment.
Jian received his Master of Engineering degree with Honor in Management Science & Engineering and his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.

Brig Masone,

Brig Masone, with over ten years of marketing experience in the biotech industry, is KROMITE's senior marketing expert. During her time at the German biotech company QIAGEN, Brig was instrumental in establishing QIAGEN as the leader in RNA purification and expanding into RNA enzymes and stabilization. Her responsibilities included strategic marketing and forecasting for the entire RNA product portfolio worldwide as well as product management and training for North America.
Brig received her Master of Science degree in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry from The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from The Pennsylvania State University.
In addition to coaching a Youth Track team, she captains an American Cancer Society Relay For Life team and is fluent in German.

Mary Riley,

Mary has over 15 years of experience in plant breeding including inbred development, hybrid creation, and plant pathology methods. She received her Master of Science and Ph.D. in agronomy and plant breeding under the prestigious guidance of pepper breeder Paul Bosland at New Mexico State University. Following her studies, Mary worked at a post-doctorate position breeding cayenne peppers and determining the speciation of the Capsicum genus.
Mary held the title of Project Leader for the hybrid pepper program at Sakata Seed America, Inc. for over 10 years. She was responsible for the creation and development of inbred lines and families as well as the formation of new hybrids and their commercialization. More than a dozen of these hybrids are currently in use by commercial growers and include seven types of peppers. She also collaborated globally with the corporation’s breeders in France, Korea, and Brazil.
Mary is also pursuing a degree in business from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Emilia Silebi,

Emilia is a statistics consultant with expertise in data analytics and statistical/mathematical modeling. She has experience in process control strategy in the pharmaceutical industry. At KROMITE, Emilia applies a statistical approach to modeling and experimental design for process improvement and decision analysis.
Emilia received a Master's degree in Statistics and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Spanish from Lehigh University.

Lee Vondrak,

Lee Vondrak has experience with industrial project management, production scheduling, statistical quality assurance, data analysis, and regression modeling. At KROMITE he is applying this project management and analytical approach as a consultant for a large agribusiness.
Lee received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University with a focus in discrete event simulation, operations research, quality, and optimization modeling.

Peiran Zhao,

Peiran Zhao is an industrial and systems engineer with proven ability of data analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation and process improvement. He has worked closely with healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.
Peiran holds a Master’s degree in Industrial & System Engineering - Healthcare Systems from Lehigh University and a Bachelor degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering from University of Macau. He also received the Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification.



Strategic Partners

To utilize the most current and state-of-the-art decision analysis modeling software, KROMITE has partnered with key organizations.

Enrich Consulting

KROMITE partnered with California-based Enrich Consulting to utilize their strength in decision support for business, finance and new product development particularly in the biotech and hi-tech sectors.


Syncopation Software is a leading provider of decision support software tools including decision analysis software, risk analysis software and decision tree-based real option valuation software. Founded as a spin-off from a first-tier consulting organization, Syncopation develops products that go beyond the basics to give you exceptional insight into real-world decision problems. For over 15 years, DPL has been the professional's choice for decision analysis and real option valuation. DPL links with Microsoft Excel to bring state-of-the-art uncertainty modeling to the industry standard platform for financial analysis.

Imagine That!

Imagine That Inc. has developed the industry standard for simulation software, ExtendSim. It is a powerful, leading edge, multi-domain simulation tool that allows you to design dynamic models of real-life processes in a wide variety of fields. ExtendSim can be used to create models from building blocks, explore the processes involved, and see how they relate - then change assumptions to arrive at an optimum solution. Recognizing their superior work, Imagine That Inc. has designated KROMITE as a certified ExtendSim Consultant. The KROMITE team’s expertise includes ExtendSim model development, external application interfaces, custom block development, and expert training. Please also see Modeling of Complex Systems.




KROMITE has collaborated with many of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. Due to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, this is only a partial list of current and prior clients:
  • merck
  • celgene
  • UCB
  • DS
  • SP